Bona’s Chao Long, Puerto Princesa

Chao long or pho
Chao long or pho

My first meal in Puerto Princesa provided great insight about the place. This was my first time in Puerto Princesa. Our “local” friend (she really is from Cebu) kept mentioning a noodle soup that is Vietnamese and very popular in Puerto Princesa. I have repeatedly gone back to Vietnam for weeks at a time when my sister used to work there, and never remembered other noodle dishes except for pho. A quick google gave me more information. Chao long is actually a congee, made with rice, sooooo, must be a lost in translation somewhere. But in any case, I shall refer to it in this blog as Chao Long 😛

Yakult Shake
Yakult Shake

So why is there Vietnamese cuisine in Palawan? Repeated stories mentioned of refugees (I am not sure from what they are seeking refuge from) stayed in Palawan, and thus, created this local Viet cuisine. They also have the banh mi, but murdered version. I remember eating this HUGE sandwich filled to the brim with goodness. This was one, well. Yeah. The original one is better.

So we ordered the SBS (Sabaw Beef Stew) and the Pork Buto Buto Soup (Pork Bones Soup) and a pork sandwich. We decided to get Yakult Shakes as well. Total cost, P230 for three people. Not bad.

I asked if the red meant spicy, but apparently, it was all food coloring. I would have loved to get the spicier version of this though, so I did end up adding chili on my own plate eventually.

As soon as the food was served, it looked fab. Cheap, but fab. After all, this was a carinderia (or street eatery), and it is a no frills place. We divided the soup and got down to it. A sprinkle of calamansi, additional chili, mixed in the veggies, and we were soon covered with yellow/orange stained lips. This was really simple, but good. We attacked the second soup and I prefered the first one, though I can hardly discern the difference in broth. The second one was the beef stew, and it is a rare instance that I like the pork more.

The french bread was yummy, but the sandwich wasn’t. Horrible. Like a slice of boiled pork, slathered on with ketchup, and mayo, or was that egg? Horrible. But the bread, good. 🙂

The yakult shake was good, surprisingly, considering it was only P35 per glass. I wouldn’t have mind having another one of that.

Over-all, I would love to have these again, and maybe try it from a different resto. The place was full for a 5pm crowd, and the place never went empty, nor did the parking area in front of the place. And that was a totally good sign of a good place. 🙂



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