Delayed Birthday Post: Outback, Alabang

Crispy Chicken Salad
Crispy Chicken Salad

So when a cook is tired from all his trips, but with a birthday to celebrate, what does he do? EAT OUT.

Steak. Mom's rating - so-so :)
Steak. Mom’s rating – so-so 🙂

I rarely eat out. Well, I didn’t have a kitchen to cook in and access to ingredients when I was in Palawan and Bali, so most of my posts revolved around eating out. But it was my birthday and I just wanted to rest, so off to Outback we go.

Buffalo wings or Kookabura Wings
Buffalo wings or Kookabura Wings

I was craving meat, hence our choice of restaurant. We ordered an angust rib-eye steak, kookabura chicken wings, crispy chicken salad, and a spring chicken (we actually had more chicken than beef 😛 ). We had more than enough food to go around for four people. The steak was good, though mom still wasn’t happy about it. The chicken had a surprise ingredient: cumin, which I wasn’t expecting. The salad was good, though a bit on the sour side. But now I just sound too whiny. 🙂

Alice's Spring Chicken
Alice’s Spring Chicken

Over-all, the meal was great. We topped the meal with a brownie pecan fudge cake topped with ice cream, then whipped cream, then a little roll of chocolate. 🙂

My birthday cake
My birthday cake

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