Diwata Restaurant, Jimbaran Bay

Raw seafood
Raw seafood

After getting soaked attempting to view the Uluwatu Temple, we found ourselves a very dry beach on our way back to the hotel. Famed for their fresh seafood ala dampa style (meaning you choose the food before they cook it), we headed to this area, specifically Diwata, for some food. We were wet, tired, and famished.

We chose some squid for calamari and fresh pompano for grilling and chilled a bit. We were served some kind of fishy soup and boiled potatoes. We had to ask if the boiled potatoes were to be mixed with the soup. Apparently, it’s eaten as it is, like fries. Kinda dull in comparison. 🙂


Shortly, the rice arrived, along with the seafood. You can pair the seafood with either kecap manis, chili sauce, or fresh tomatoes and onions with chili. I tried all, and they were good. All of them. The fish was absolutely divine. Sweet and soft, and simply prepared. The calamari was good as well, but not as memorable as the fish.

Fish :)
Fish 🙂

The waves, again, were lapping on the shore and it actually felt like home, here in the Philippines. The airport kind of ruined the moment with random take-offs and landings from the plane, but it was an interesing site as well. The walking band knew a Filipino song as well, and that was sheer fun. 🙂


I could have stayed here for a while, just chilling, but the drizzle started coming down. It only stopped to allow us to eat. It was such a chill night, I shall go back to Bali for more 🙂



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