Balinese Cooking Class

With my mentors :)
Flanked by my mentors 🙂

And finally, my cooking class! 🙂 Money well-spent for me on this one (though the food would have been included in our bike tour anyway, but we wouldn’t be the ones to cook it though 😛 I was researching for the trip specifically for the biking tours when I came across the Bali Bike Baik Tours which also offered a cooking class. The cooking class is actually more expensive than the bike tour, but then, I know I would enjoy it more 🙂

Smoked chicken and duck
Smoked chicken and duck
Ingredients for satay sauce
Ingredients for satay sauce

We were in Ubud by 9 am, and it started out with a trip to the market. Then off to the Bali Bike Baik owner’s house, where his wife, Madi, would show us. We had a lot of dishes to make, and though they already prepared a lot of the ingredients, we quickly started on chopping.

Sushee's attempt :)
Sushee’s attempt 🙂

Most of the dishes had the same ingredients. Just varying in degrees. Their main aromatics are the same: garlic, shallots, onions, spring onion, and chilis. Their prepared sauces too are the same: soy sauce, fish sauce, worcestershire sauce, and kecap manis. The roots come in groups, mentioned in the other post. So it was basically a mix of those. And nuts. Or soybeans in tofu and tempeh version. 🙂

Tempeh in kecap manis
Tempeh in kecap manis
chicken satay
chicken satay

I wouldn’t get into detail per dish because it would take soooo long.  I would most probably replicate some of these at home in the next few weeks, which would allow me to go into detail more. The surprising thing was the food was better than what we had in Tekor Bali! It might be because we helped make most of the food. But the flavors were milder, which was easier to handle. And they didn’t scrimp on the ingredients, which is what restaurants are for sure doing. I’m not saying Tekor Bali food is bad, I actually enjoyed that. But the flavors cannot be compared to a home-cooked meal. Even if it was made in somebody else’s home 🙂

Mie goreng
Mie goreng

We cooked the following dishes below. And they gave us a tiny notebook of the recipes we made, so it was really a happy experience.

Corn and shrimp fritter – way better than the resto. This is really good appetizer or snack. Ate so many, most probably and equivalent of one corn cob. 🙂
Mie Goreng – really yummy, I’m sure my mom would love this and will make this at home soon
Smoked duck and chicken – really milder than the resto version, but found the duck too stringy for my taste
Peanut sauce – used in satay and the salad, ground from scratch, equivalent to an arm workout for me
Chicken satay – whole pieces of meat, unlike the the others which used ground meat
Sweet soy sauce bean cake (Tempe Manis) – snacked on the tempe just fried, was like eating fresh soy beans! Then with the sauce, the taste was just sweeter
Tofu with peanut sauce – not exciting, but not bad either
Fried Hot Chili – LOVE. But killed me in the end. 🙂
Green Salad – so-so
Gado-gado – so-so


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