Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook!

Happy 29th birthday to me! 🙂

Sorry for disappearing the past few days! Came from a week-long leave and I left behind my computer. First was Bali, then Puerto Princesa in Palawan, in the Philippines. 🙂

Finally got my hands on this. Which I consider a (or at least one of) birthday present to myself. A page was folded so it was given to me at a 5% discount (measly discount) but since I had plans of buying it (and messing it up anyway) I decided to just get it on the spot! 🙂 I have yet to scan it further than I did in the store, but I wish I had gotten it for free somehow.

Got it from the newly opened Fully Booked in Alabang Town Center! 🙂

Some articles
Some articles
Droolsome pictures
Droolsome pictures



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