Tekor Bali Rijsttafel or Degustacion

Just arrived from Bali yesterday, and now I’m getting ready to leave for a local trip despite the cloudy skies and intermittent rains throughout the day.:) Now some Bali posts! (Bali is a small island in the archipelago of Indonesia. It is mostly known for its beaches, but has a lot of cultural areas to explore as well.)

Admitted defeat after wanting eggs :)
Admitted defeat after wanting eggs 🙂

After failing at hunting something local to satisfy our breakfast hunger (we opted for an American style of breakfast), and having only Bintang Beer as the local food we have tried 10 hours into our Bali trip, we decided to take it up a notch higher. Most of the restaurants along the Double Six Beach (which is wonderful by the way, with just insane, insane, insane waves) cater both local and an international cuisine. It’s not unusual to see both Italian and Indonesian on the menu, or American and Indonesian, or what have you. The area is littered with so many caucasian tourists that I did feel out of place in the resto. We just opted for this tiki-hut stye of resto because it fit the mood. 🙂

Drinks by the beach, what Bali is all about
Drinks by the beach, what Bali is all about

After browsing the menu, we opted for their version of degustacion, or Balinese Rijsttafel, as indicated on the menu, which offered 20 kinds of dishes in trial portions. It was only Rp65,000 or about $6 to 7! Cheap!

From the menu
From the menu
The Menu
The Menu
Soup :) Looked black
Soup 🙂 Looked black

First we were served some appetizers of bread with yummy whipped or softened garlic butter, along with a sugar beet soup. Both were yummy, and the very slight flavors belied the intense flavors of the rest of the dishes. It was a bit dark, and the pictures don’t do justice, but here are some of the dishes that we had:


Beef rendang – flavorful, but I want the meat to be more tender
Chicken in coconut – very mild, very good, almost like coconut soup
Marinated quail eggs – well, they were quail eggs
Fried sweet tempeh – only realized now that they were tempeh and not nuts like peanut brittle
Satay – yummy of course!
Fish – it was in a spicy but mild flavored sauce, not too memorable
Yellow rice – a little bit of turmeric added into it I am assuming
Smoked duck or chicken – too strong for me, and couldn’t figure out if it was duck or chicken 😛
Green beans – I think this was supposed to be a salad but looked  like green limp worms
Tofu – I think it was in a peanut sauce of some sort, like the satay
Ground chicken with spices – reminiscent of embutido, in tiny rolls, and hella spicy
Corn fritters, which were more of flour than corn

I really can’t remember the other ones, I shall edit when I do. But one thing for you to try this is that you have to be game. We really didn’t know what the flavors were, and it was more of a trial and error type, with us finishing the dishes we liked best. 🙂 And the spice level was on a medium-high range. Not for the faint hearted, nor for the unwilling to sweat. Every bite triggered a flavor, then heat. But it was like taking a culinary tour of the island, on one table 🙂


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