Power Breakfast!

Yeaaaah. Power breakfast!
Yeaaaah. Power breakfast!

I decided to make breakfast the other day, just because. 🙂

I started with some potato hash. I was actually trying to copy Maple’s potatoes. I boiled some huge dices of potato with a bit of salt. I drained and mash it a bit. Season with more salt. I then put it in a non-stick pan, and let it get crusty, over low-fire. Flip, and let it crust again. Yummy. Not Maple level, but good enough for a first try.

From a different angle :)
From a different angle 🙂

I ATTEMPTED poached eggs. It was so ugly that I decided to not to post anymore specifically how I made it. But it was ugly. Really.

I made spam chips, reminiscent of maling chips, copied from pepper.ph. But the maling chips were crunchier. More meat I suppose. Deep fried. Deadly splattering oil.

I also fried some mozzarella sticks. But that came in a box, and was just fried without oil in a non-stick pan. 🙂

Was it a balanced breakfast? Hmmmm. Good enough. Except for the spam chips, everything seemed to be on the good side. 🙂 Maybe a little bit of oatmeal would have made it healthier though 😛


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