Chicken Biryani

Chicken on rice
Chicken on rice

The last time I had this was when I ate out with Mom, my niece Maven, and her yaya (nanny) Cris. I love bengal food. And this was one of them (at least I think it is part of it). I was annoyed and suprised at the same time to discover that biryani has sooo many spices. I remember I made this before in my cooking class in ISCAHM (International School of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management), and found it too creamy. But having mixed the rice with it already in Maharaja, it was just right. And I never realized the sheer number of spices in it. Even with a change in recipes, I still had spices more than I can count on one hand (minimum of six, that’s what I mean).

But in any case, the lasting impression of my most recent foray into Indian food was good. So even with the spices (which surprisingly I have all of in my cupboard), I decided to push through with the recipe.

With the toasted rice, the way we like it :)
With the toasted rice, the way we like it 🙂

There was garam masala, cloves (I used ground instead of whole), star anise (which I skipped), ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, coriander (mine was whole, I had to pound it), cardamom, etc. I added chili flakes as well. 🙂 It’s a lot, I told you. 🙂

So all of the spices were roasted in the pan, especially the whole ones, then placed in a mortar and pestle. I added some rock salt to ground it, and then added the roasted ground spices as well. I then sautéed the chicken with some garlic and onion, and allowed it to cook. I added the spices, some tomato sauce, and let it cook. Once it was almost done, I tasted it. It was good already, but I still had the coconut milk to add. Boil, make it spicier, and set aside.

For the rice, I didn’t saute it anymore. I used some already cooked rice and kinda made a fried rice biryani by adding some of the sauce from the chicken biryani. Add sauce, mix. Add more if needed. Then let it dry over the pan, which i did like bibimbap style. Top with the chicken, then ta-dah! 🙂

The recipe is too complicated for me to post, since a lot of what I did was purely guesswork (which non-cooks hate). So I’m posting links here that I loosely based my recipe from 🙂

Chicken Biryani Recipe 1

Chicken Biryani Recipe 2

Chicken Biryani Recipe 3


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    1. I looooove lamb, which is more or less the same as mutton. Though it is not widely available here in the Philippines, more of a very pricey item actually. 🙂 Just thinking about lamb. Drool 🙂

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