Mochi Sweets


I was in SM Aura (becuase it is one of the newest malls in the metro) and saw a store called Mochi Sweets. The interiors are dark, with dim lighting as well. The food is expensive too. They sell only mochi, and they are priced like gold at P70 apiece. It is horribly expensive for me. Glad that my sister was there and she was more excited about the mochi than I ever was and she bought a box of different flavors: chocolate mousse, mango, sweet purple potato, green tea, coconut (which tasted like coconut macaroons) and one more that I cannot remember.

See the insides?
See the insides?

To our dismay, the mochi was frozen solid and couldn’t be eaten immediately. It took the bulk of the drive home for it to soften enough that we could eat it. And those six pieces were easily shared by me, mom, and ate.

Expensive box
Expensive looking box

Not to be confused with the usual mochi ice cream, this mochi had red bean filling (for m ost) and flavored cream centers. I am assuming this is more reminiscent of the actual mochi that others that I have tasted.

Six for P330
Six for P330

The over-all taste of the different flavors are great, except maybe for the sweet potato. Yuck. But it’s a matter of finding your favorite flavor and trying that out. 🙂 We all loved the green tea flavored one. I want that 🙂


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