Tous Le Jous French Macaroons

Store in Southmall
Store in Southmall

I have seen thi s store but not really bought much anything from it. Their breads/cakes are pretty, I have to give them that. The funny thing is, I thought this was a Taiwanese bakery until a quick google brought me here. So apparently this is a French-Asian bakery, which in loose terms translate to french breads being made by an Asian company.

In their display case
In their display case

I discovered they have French Macaroons, which I love, being sold at P28 apiece! Though their chocolate was off-putting, I loved their green tea flavored one. Like LOVE. Their strawberry is good too. The texture of their macaroons is chewier than those I  have tried, and they have less filling too. But the difference was a welcome change, along with the cheaper price!


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