Salt and Pepper Spareribs Stir Fry

Peppers and pork :)
Peppers and pork 🙂

I think I got confused halfway into cooking this recipe. I know that lots of Chinese restaurants serve salt and pepper spareribs, but usually not with so much vegetables. But this was a runaway hit, so I am bound to do this again sometime soon. 🙂 But this recipe was my main take-off point for the recipe, including the marinade.

First, the pork belly, cut into thumb-sized pieces, were marinated in vinegar, salt, soy sauce, pepper, sugar. I used vinegar since I didn’t have any of the those other asian condiments that are usually used for Chinese cooking, and it works fine most of the time, like for this one. Mix mix, and marinade. 🙂

I asked Lilet (the daughter of Ate Pines, our helper at home) to cut random peppers (none of which are real bell peppers) like the long green ones, spicy tiny red ones, and roundish red peppers about 5 inches in length. They are marketed as bell peppers, but hello, they don’t look like bells. So that was done.

Before frying, I was to coat the meat in corstarch. I discovered to my dismay that there was not enough cornstarch in my cupboard of ingredients. So I mixed corstarch and flour for dredging the pork. That worked. Frying, done!

And the stir-fry. I added the onion, garlic, peppers, green spring onion, and the last one was the small red chilis, or labuyo, or Thai Bird’s Eye Chili. That sent me into a coughing fit as as soon as it hit the pan. Non-stop coughing. 🙂 Then I added the meat, added a bit of sugar to kill the spice, then into a plate. Done!

This was good that we were actually eating more of the pepers, more than anything 🙂 Repeat please!

PS. Have you noticed how much Chinese cuisine I’ve been cooking up lately? I used to dislike the cuisine, though dimsum has been exempted of my dislike. But once I started finding what particular foods I like, I have enjoyed Chinese cuisine. I still haven’t eaten the brains of a fried pigeon though. Maybe never. 🙂

The peppers are as yummy as the pork :)
The peppers are as yummy as the pork 🙂

Salt and Pepper Spareribs Stir-Fry Recipe

1/2 kilo of pork belly, cut into thumb sized pieces marinated in the following:
1/2 cup vinegar (I used half cider vinegar, half white vinegar)
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 tablespoon sugar
dash of Chinese Five Spice

Corstarch for coating the meat.

Random sweet and spicy peppers, about 1 to 2 cups, cut into small squares
Spring onion, 1/2 cup
onion, garlic

Marinate the meat for at least two hours. Remove from marinade, and coat in flour, then deep fry over medium fire until golden. Remove and set aside.

In another pan, saute the onion and garlic, along with the spring onion, peppers, until they are slightly wilted. Add the meat. Taste. I added a bit of sugar in mine to soften the blow of the heat. 🙂 Serve 🙂


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