Sriracha Sauce

DSC01294I have been hearing so much about this sauce and it is supposed to be the new in-thing in the US. I love Thai food, and also went repeatedly back to Vietnam for some lengths of time and  this never caught my attention. I know about spicy food, and their fresh sources, but I never liked relying on bottled sauces, I only do so to a degree. 🙂

So finally with all the hype, I bought this one. It’s not even a popular brand. Hardly. But it said sriracha on the label and that does it for me. Sriracha was named after Si Racha which is a province of Thailan (Thank you Wiki!) It is made up of chilis, sugar, vinegar, etc. and may be freshly made or fermented. 🙂

The sauce I bought was yummy. Sweet and spicy, but not as sweet as the sweet chili sauce. More like a bland ketchup with the spiciness level notched up about 10 times. 🙂

It worked well with my kikiam, and I’m excited where else to pour this on. Pad thai please! 🙂


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