Restaurant Review: Larcy’s Cupcakes, BF Homes, Paranaque

Cupcakes on display
Cupcakes on display

Ara and I have been on a cupcake hunt (well, we’ve done it twice) for the times that she has been here down south. The last time was in Vanilla Cupcakes in Alabang which allowed us to taste some great goodies. And this one was she has heard about it, so we decided to try it as well.

We were on our way to our friend’s house in BF and stopped by this place to try it. We only had a few minutes to spare so a cupcake bakery was the right place to go. Located along the the stretch of Aguirre, it is along a row of restaurants all suited to the many tastes of the people who live in the South 🙂

The place was about double of Vanilla Cupcakes, which in our opinion was too big. Maybe on later nights or mid afternoon, the place gets full. But for our visit, which was about 2 pm, the place was three tables f ull, and a lot more to fill up. Their display case was appetizing, but not overflowing full, which I really like seeing (maybe smaller display cases?), but they have a lot of things going on, so that was good. We placed our orders, a salted caramel cupcake and a pink or red velvet (what’s the difference between a pink and red velvet? The other one is cheesecake, I just cannot remember which). Ara, the coffee junkie, ordrered a drink. I skipped this altogether and just asked for water.


It was served after a couple of minutes (I had to move my double parked car), and they did look pretty. They were placed on a riser (like where you put the cakes in during buffet) but just the size of cupcakes. Eating became a bit difficult and messy because of this, to tell you the truth, because it wasn’t a real plate. It had like holes. Pretty, but superficial.

Our orders
Our orders

Now on to the cupcakes. The cupcakes were okay. The cake or sponge itself left a lot to be desired. The icing, I found, were superb. Can I just order more of the icing please? My order, the salted caramel, was priced at P80. Harldy worth it, unless I get a serving full of icing.  Though’s Ara’s cupcake was cheaper by a couple of pesos, same sentiments were shared.

Liquid goo
Liquid goo

The drink was another fail. You know how annoying those bits of cream or powder or stuff floating around are when you drink? THEY HAD THAT. I am unsure if it was because they used cocoa (looks like it) and it wasn’t properly melted (maybe), but it was just unpleasant. Need to work on their drinks as well.

Over-all, I’d rather go to Vanilla Cupcakes. 🙂


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