29th Birthday Wish List :)

My birthday is coming up next month (yay!) and around a month before that, I post a list of items I want, which is about this time. Because really, who doesn’t like getting stuff during their birthdays? I can “act” selfless and wish for some random goodness, but I like celebrating my birthday.

Ohmy. I’m 29. 🙂

Because this is a food blog, I usually keep my wishes pertaining to food since you guys are following me for the food, right? But every now and then, I like inserting randomness to the list, which I think would eventually add up to the food creativity (hint: travel).  But here goes. 🙂

1. Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook

Picture courtesy of fullybookedonline.com http://www.fullybookedonline.com/the-momofuku-milk-bar
Picture courtesy of fullybookedonline.com

After stumbling across the Momofuku fried chicken recipe, I felt that I ought to look deeper in this whole Momofuku thingamabob. I also don’t mind having all of the Momofuku books, which are Momofuku and The Ramen King and I. I have the feeling they would be great reads. 🙂 I just bought my copy today June 9, 2013!)

2. Random ingredients that I am unable to get my hands on

Of course this is always on my list. I love having to look up how to eat something, and possibly, what it is even. 😀 Sometimes I’m just too lazy to buy on my own. Or too cheap. Mostly too cheap.

3. Japanese Grinder

My friend Ara was not able to find this while she was in Japan. You know those round bowl things you find in Yabu where you grind your own sesame seeds? THAT ONE. I’ll be soon asking Yabu if I can buy one of theirs, or if they are willing to give me one. I’m fine whichever works 😛

4. Trip to Singapore to visit my friends to explore the culinary world of hawker stalls and Hainanese Chicken

Preferably end of August. Or thereabouts. 🙂

5. Canvass Boards

I haven’t painted in a couple of months. Simply because it never crosses my mind to buy some when I’m in the bookstore. But because of this writing, I’m gonna buy some soon. But more are welcome. Just the 8×10 size please 🙂 Recently bought some and am now back to using sketch pads since I missed using pencils!


7. A free Mamou meal with… 😛

8. Wine tasting

That’s all for now! 🙂


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