Restaurant Review: Smokin’ Hot BarBQ, Greenbelt

Black Rice
Black Rice

I was with Sushee and Kaye and we were deciding where to eat when we passed by this place. It was new, and it was nearest the parking lot. When Sushee told me she had discount here because it was part of the Bistro Group, I was like, Let’s go! šŸ™‚

It was a new concept, a first for the company, of having Filipino food. They are more known for their other restauarants like Friday’s (WHICH I LOVE), Italianni’s, Flapjacks, Ma Masion, etc. But this was one was different. The place was a bit dark , easily transformable from a day resto to a bar at night, which is the case for a lot of restaurants in the area. We decided to get their recommended specialties, which are the roasted pork belly and peri peri chicken, along with black rice, which is rice cooked with squid ink and topped with some sisig.

Yummy looking liempo
Yummy looking liempo

I thought that our order might not be enough, but we could hardly finish the meal on the table, so it was just right. My favorite was the black rice. It had a spice that was just right. Not too spicy or overwhelming, but something that would let you continue on eating. The pork was good too, so was the chicken. And both became even better with the addition of the dipping sauce we made of calamansi and soy sauce. The peri peri chicken though was odd for me. The chicken was good, and was like chicken inasal, but the peri peri sauce made from chili does not pair well with the chicken. The chicken was good, and so was the sauce, but together, they just seemed odd.

Peri-peri Chicken
Peri-peri Chicken

We paid around P250 each given the discount. And considering that you can get the same food so much cheaper in other restaurants, maybe they ought to lower their price. I have no idea if this will sell well, but I always imagine local food prep to be easier and cheaper.


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