Summer Pasta

Colorful :)
Colorful 🙂

We are on the last couple of weeks of summer and I have yet to get inspired over pasta until now. I didn’t go googling for a summer pasta recipe, mind you. Just that I had cillantro near its death in the fridge, and my request to have pad thai at home was dampened by my unenthusiastic family (my ate and bro in law having just come from Bangkok last a couple of weekends ago, and my mom remembering the ohorrible experience with the overly chewy noodles we had, my fault).

I found this link after looking for pasta recipes using cillantro, to pair with Momofuku fried chicken. I had a bit of trepidation, fearing it might taste just like salsa (but salsa tastes good). But I decided to do it anyway. I mean, how wrong can it go?


I had about 15 tomatoes blanched, peeled, seeded and diced, along with diced onion and minced garlic, all cooking the pan. I added some chicken powder and water (I didn’t have any broth) and allowed this to cook into a sauce. I then added some chopped cillantro. And that was it! The sauce looked lighter, since I ommitted adding any tomato paste or sauce. But it was sooo tasty and it looked so pretty, too! The light colored red sauce just imparted a slight hue on the noodles, but topped withe contrasting green, it looked spectacular. 🙂

Of course not everyone would like this, cillantro being either a love me or hate me kind of herb. But this beats out making salsa with it. Yum!


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