Ice Balls

This is about as innocent as it can get, but for the green-minded, this can mean a lot of things 😛

But I have mentioned of what I bought from Muji before and I finally have them frozen. Now more than anything, they looked like ice boobies (with the center hole having overflowed), but in any case, they look pretty. Here are the ice balls in water and iced tea.

A round orb :)
A round orb 🙂
Ice ball
Ice ball

I really don’t know if they do last longer, maybe I should have timed it (I will time it). But the balls sound scary when plunked in the glass, sounding like you had dropped a golf ball. And the resounding echo when you finish a glass and the ball drops back to the bottom… yeah. Ice is heavy. 🙂 I ought to stick with shorter glasses (like for something on the rocks kind of drink). But they do look nice, don’t they? 🙂


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