Instant Miso Ramen

After being deprived of my miso ramen fix after losing to steak (I still won!), I decided to make this.  I have made this before already but it was too complicated when I made it last time here.  I have had miso in my fridge forever and I have to finish it soon. I boiled some water, added my miso paste and bonito flavoring to it, added two packs of nodles from instant noodles, and let it cook. I removed the noodles and set it in small bowls. I got some of the leftover veggies from the bibimbap, fried up some tokwa, and I was good to go. On the table, I had the hot soup to be poured on the noodles when you want it. This was much, much easier than then last time. And I’ll be happy to make this regularly 🙂 And for good measure, I added some of the Korean red pepper paste 😛

Two of my bowls
Two of my bowls
With the soup
With the soup



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