Maling Chips / Chinese Luncheon Meat Chips


If has spam chips, I have maling chips! I was not planning on copying this spam chips, but while I was cooking breakfast the other day of luncheon meat, mom saw me and said, “Yung crispy? (The crispy one?)” So I went, “Oh, okay.” Because that’s what she wanted and nice mommies to deserve to get what they want (including the steak :P).

Let me explain first the love affair of the Filipinos with the Chinese Luncheon Meat. I actually grew up thinking  that luncheon meat was called Ma Ling (a brand name), and this is what I had for how many years. It was only after a while that Spam came into my consciousness, and I still find it salty up to now. So how did this come in the market? For one, I’m assuming it was from the many Chinese immigrants in the Philppines who brought in something familiar. Two, it is about half the price of most luncheon meat brands from the US, and about 2/3 the price of those locally made. So that was it.

Soft and crunchy
Soft and crunchy

So going back, crunchy luncheon meat. We usted to slice the darned things in small cubes and fry them until crunchy, and that’s what mom had in mind for sure, until I remembered the spam chips, which I decided to copy. So I made some regular ones, and the crunchy ones. And they do look appetizing.

So how did they rate? Yummy. They really are like snacking chips, made of meat. Like bacon if you treat it like a snack. But I’m one of those people who like soggy breakfast meats, like soggy bacon, soft luncheon meat, etc. So I’m still biased for the soft ones. But crunchy ones on occassion are yummy as well! 🙂

PS. And yes, I repeat, I do like my bacon soggy. 🙂


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