Iced Coffee

Coffee balls
Coffee balls

There is an easy way of making iced coffee. Make some coffee minus about half of the water, then add ice! On a hot summer day, this is one of the best pick-me-ups for the caffeinated. I was never into caffeine, except for that time I lived on energy drinks. But with my newfound ice cube tray from Muji, I decided to one-up this drink.

I removed all the frozen coffee balls from the tray, put it in a glass, added milk and some choco syrup afterwards. Ta-dah! Now doesn’t that look pretty? They do look like sago (tapioca balls), but every frozen bite gives off a yummy strong bitter taste of pure coffee. The balls melt slowly, so the coffee flavor gets stronger as you drink the milk. The first part of the drink reminded me mostly of chocolate milk, with a touch of coffee. No wonder I liked it šŸ™‚


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