Restaurant Review: Vanilla Cupcake, ATC

Yum :)
Yum 🙂

I have said bad words over this place long before I was able to try it. (One of) Their first branch was the one I have been eyeing in the newly renovated area of Glorietta in Makati. I have lined up there countless of times only to discover that it took hours (okay, minutes) to get my order. And waiting in line when you just happen to pass by is such an inconvenience. So off the line I went, and on my way.

Funnily enough, I notice the same thing happening when I did finally try this place with Ara in their newly opened branch in Alabang Town Center. The line was long, about 4 to 5 people. And people, like us admittedly, were taking their sweet time placing their orders. The place was tiny for weekends (and too big most prob for weekdays). They were located in once-dead spot, which they happen to, fortunately, liven up. With their cutesy and quirky interiors, they brought people into the area. Yay 🙂 So at least that’s one good thing (for the mall, maybe not for them)

The coffee flavored one
The coffee flavored one

So we got seats before we even lined up (the place was that full). And it was a wait to be served. The line was short, but it took a while. We took a while too. We simply didn’t know what to order. And we had to ask what each was to decide. Maybe a simple description in each cupcake stand? Or a special for the day board to let you know what you can get that day? Suggestions. 🙂

So we ordered something fruity, a berry cupcake with cream cheese frosting, and a coffee flavored one. We ordred drinks too (which they admittedly lack as well) of guava and apple iced teas. Guava iced tea was blah, the apple iced tea was too sweet. They ought to find a nice balance with the flavors with their drinks. We could have gotten their specialty of milkshake, but along with cupcakes, we might end up in dieting hell. 🙂

An almost empty display
An almost empty display

Our cupcakes, though, were good. I loved the flavors. I liked the berry more, because of the differences in texture and the suddent sour bursts from the fruit. The coffe flavored one was good too, just that a bit of coffee nibs in the mix would have made it better. But aside from these, i have tried their carrot cupcake, red velvet, and chocolate moist, all brought home by ate. And they were delicious, more than the first cupcake place in Manila that started this craze to begin with 🙂



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