Muji Ice Trays

Bigger than golf balls :)
Bigger than golf balls 🙂

I really don’t remember how I got these random pages featuring round ice balls (because I cannot call them cubes, can I?). But it did mention that Muji had them. Muji is a Japanese concept store. it reminds a little bit of the old defunct local boutique Anonymous. Anonymous used to be one of my favorite stores, especially because they came out with clothes that are very basic. Colors came out initiallly in black, grey, and white. They had decor, random implements like hair tie, combs, stuff, which came in the three colors, plus transparent. Then they suddently came out with a rainbow of colors, which I still loved. Then they departed from their theme, and they got screwed.

Doesn't look like an ice tray :)
Doesn’t look like an ice tray 🙂

Anyway, going back, that is what Muji is like for me, albeit an expensive one. So when the website I was reading (from a link trail of some sort) said that Muji had the ice molds to make ice balls (or rounds? Ice rounds?) I just had to stop by and check. And ta-dah! They not only have the huge one, which is like a four-case egg carton (for really sensitive or sticky eggs), but they have this teeny tiny one too! 🙂

Together, they are priced at about P1399.00, which is about $40.  A bit pricey for something so trivial. But I was depressed at that time and needed a quick pick-me-upper. Besides, how else can I make round ice balls? 😀


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