Restaurant Review: Blossom’s, Virac, Catanduanes

How I trashed the other place, this one I love.  🙂

Blue Marlin
Blue Marlin

I wasn’t expecting much really. It was in a corner street near the town center, a walk away from Midtown Inn Hotel. I walked towards the resto and almost missed it. I got confused though if it was Sunday’s, or Sandy’s, so I am just saying it is Blossom’s, as everyone refers to it anyway. It has two floors, and I stick to the first floor, more of convenience than anything else. But I do end up eating here two times, which says a lot.

I initially ordered one of their specialties, sizzling blue marlin steak. Their menu covers quite a lot, from soup, to chicken, to pork, to seafood, beef, etc. etc. So I stuck with the blue marlin and ordered rice to go with it. The fish was sold by the gram. As I placed thie order, I spied what I though twas mango cream pie in their display case, and it was! I ordered this, as a prelude to my meal. My favorite for mango cream pie is still Red Ribbon, but this comes close.

My appetizer (pictures look yellow for the first two shots because of very dim lighting :( )
My appetizer (pictures look yellow for the first two shots because of very dim lighting 😦 )

I finished the pie quickly, and soon after, my fish arrives, sizzling on a hot plate. With a side of vegetables, the fish looked appropiately portioned. I tasted the sauce, and it was not sweet, as I feared, but sour and salty. First bite was yummy, and I quickly finished the whole thing, even the huge serving of rice. But I was missing some of the sauce, I wanted more of it. 🙂 Total price was P162, with P45 for the pie. Not bad.

The next day, I went back for dinner again, and ordered one of their combo plates, cordon bleu. Funnily, it was good, but instead of ham, it had hotdogs inside along with the cheese. It looked more Filipino because of that 😛 But it was good, the size was just right too. And with everyone around me ordering halo-halo, their real specialty, I decided to order this to-go.  Total bill was about P135 or something. Yay, even cheaper.

Chicken ala kiev
Chicken ala kiev

When I got back to my hotel and opened my halo-halo take out, I was surprised. One, they put cheese (maybe to act as the salt against the whole sweetness), and they also used powdered milk instead of the usual evaporated milk. And the portions were huge, by the way. HUGE. I finsihed it anyway, cuz you know, I like desserts, and I LOVE IT.

Rating? For something so unassuming, the restaurant was a success for me. Of course, I’ve only eaten twice, and I obviously look like a tourist, so I could have gotten special treatment. But locals were also constantly dining here, which speaks a lot of the place. This will be my go to resto by default whenever I go to Virac. Yay 🙂


3 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Blossom’s, Virac, Catanduanes

  1. Im airting right here in blossoms now. Its my second time in this place. The first time i was here i loved it. The food was good, service was okay. I was expecting the same today but this restaurant really knew how to dampen my good mood. There are only 3 of us and there were 2 servers/waitresses. Reasonable enough ratio but a good ten minutes had passed no one took my order it wasnt until I approached one waitress angrily that I got their attention and i was served the wrong cake, i was asked if i need creamer in my 3in1 coffee. Hello?! 3in1? Nuff said

    1. I’m so sorry that you experienced that. I hope that they would be able to change your mind if ever you go back. Or maybe they would read this. But I was really happy with my experience there 🙂

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