Restaurant Review; Sea Breeze, Virac, Catanduanes

Sea Breeze
Sea Breeze

I was recenlty on a trip in Virac. First time alone on a trip. I would love to go on and on how traveling alone is good for the soul. When you are just in hut, by the beach, looking at the kids swimming in the water, and nothing comes across your mind but how pretty life can get. No one to randomly interrupt you, except a welcome hello from a stranger. Ahhhh. Bliss.

Finest service, you say?
Finest service, you say?

Now to go back to my food blog. 🙂 One comment I saw about this resto, even before stepping off the plane, was “It’s owned by a politician, no wonder a high-end restaurant can survive in such a province…” or something to that effect. But I was still excited. Local cuisine speaks volume of the people, usually.

The view of the port is relaxing though :)
The view of the port is relaxing though 🙂

With the specialty iofferred by the waiter, which is  seafood (Catanduanes is after-all, an island), I ordered lobster and shrimp. They are like the same thing, no? The lobsters weighed 100g each, puny. I ordered two. And one plate of fried shrimp. It took a while, but with some appetizers of peanuts, I was good.

It does look pretty, doesn't it?
It does look pretty, doesn’t it?

But soon after, things started to piss me off. The shrimp I ordered was not available and I was prepared prawns, which was P40 more expensive, not much, but it is 25% more expensive than what I ordered.  I was only advised when it was already cooked and placed in front of me. Next, the lemon butter sauce of the lobster was far from lemon and butter. First it was sweet, and it was orange, and it was gross. I removed the sauce, and dipped it instead in a mixture of calamansi and fish sauce, which I also used for my shrimp. The food was okay, but I was already past happy. And when the bill arrived, I was charged for Royal, the soda. I had to confirm that maybe the driver ordered something? But I shared the food with him, so I would have seen him. Ooooh. It was used to cook the lobster. The hell. I complained abou it and took the soda from the bill. But now I am ranting about it here because they even advertise great service, which is far from the truth.

My shrimp
My shrimp

I could rant more about his place, but I have had that one experience, unfortunately an unhappy one. Never goign back here, nor recommending this to anyone. Sorry. The service was horrible, the food was forgettable.


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