Homemade Bacon Steak

DSC01100I have tried making homemade bacon before with salty results.  But while scanning my blog, I realized I didn’t have any record of it, at all! Was it so long ago, more than 3  years ago, that I attempted this? Or was the result rather disgusting that it was banned from my blog? That can be true as well.

DSC01104So I tried again. And still, with the same results, too salty. I got frustrated with this one because I thought it would be perfect already. It was covered in salt, pepper, and sugar, for 7 days, then roasted on low heat for 1.5 hours.  The skin came off quickly, as it was supposed to. But a little bit of slice, and yuck. Salt.

Okay, maybe not yuck. But a tad more salty than is palatable. I decided to keep it as it is, like tapas, sliced thinly, and pair it with a sweetish spicy sauce. The sauce didn’t cover the salt in the dish. But it looks pretty doesn’t it?

Don’t worry. It got eaten in the next meal. Nothing gets thrown out in our house (except the moldy stuff).


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