Melon Milk

Milk, ice, and melon
Milk, ice, and melon

I have melon, which I tried (as promised) which I didn’t enjoy as much as the watermelon. So I decided that the next best thing is to make melon milk! 🙂

In almost equal portions, mix in melon, milk, and ice. I added a bit of evaporated milk to make the milk flavor stronger. Then a bit of sugar. Then a bit of food coloring. Otherwise this would have  looked totally ugly. Bitz everything in the blender until the ice dissolves.

Orange melon milk
Orange melon milk

I had to let this settle for a bit, to let the foam down. But afterwards, it was delicious! 🙂 Refreshing too. 🙂

I wanted to make melon juice afterwards (which is the same mixture, but without the milk), but somebody ate all of the melon… And it wasn’t me!

I just realized though that not everyone is familiar with melon milk. But this one is a familiar item to buy, along the milk aisle. After chocolate, melon is the most popular milk flavor! (Well, I’m not counting vanilla, it’s just regular milk.) It comes in fresh, or powdered form. It takes some getting used to if you are not that familiar with this, but I promise, the sweetness and smell of the melon comes out wonderfully in the milk! 🙂



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