Pandan Chicken

Hard to wrap. Like really annoying.
Hard to wrap. Like really annoying.

I recently mocked this recipe of Pandan Chicken or Chicken Pandan because of the leaves. I mean, is it really necessary? I know that pandan smells and tastes good, but I don’t konw how much flavor it actually imparts during cooking. Or t least to the chickien. But I was feeling experimental and decided to do it.

I remember seeing the very pitiful items in the supermarket and random restaurants. The flavors were dull and it looked like it was all for show, with the leaves and stuff. So I hope that mine would generally be better over-all. I googled the recipe and found one that is more Filipino, and less Thai. I think though that was a good thing. Or I can try the Thai thing sometime 🙂

The few differences I saw between the Filipino and the Thai version are the ommission of the sesame oil and coriander in the Filipino version. But as many recipes go, it is easily changeable. Sugar was also present in some recipes for the mrinade. And some didn’t eve have dipping sauces. So it is all to taste.

In the frying pan
In the frying pan

Pandan Chicken Recipe Marinade

1 whole chicken, cut into serving pieces
10 calamansi, squeezed
soy sauce
oyster sauce
20 pandan leaves, as needed

Prepare the marinade. Adjust to taste. Dump in the chicken and marinade for at least three hours. I marinated mine for an hour, needed more time to marinade. Wrap in leaves. Hellish 🙂 Toothpick is your friend.

In a non-stick pan, heat some oil. Drop in leaves, if you want. Put in the chicken pieces and allow to fry. Add the extra marinade, and cover the pan. This would allow the liquid to boil and cook the chicken thoroughly. When it is almost dry, flip the chicken and allow to  get golden on the other side. Once golden, remove from pan. Took about 40 minute sin total. 🙂

It's all about the personality and not the looks :)
It’s all about the personality and not the looks 🙂

Thai Sauce

fish sauce

Chop the chili and mix together the sugar, fish sauce, and water. To taste. Boil slowly over low fire. Remove from heat. Add coriander leaves once cooled.


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