Gambas ala Plancha

With a sprinkling of slt
With a sprinkling of slt

Literally that translate to shrimp on a plantsa (iron, like for clothes). I thought at first when the recipe was mentioned, along with the Spanish tortilla, that this would involve the press, or cast iron weights that is used to well, press, whatever it is that you are cooking. But this just involves HIGH HEAT, which gives off  A REALLY GREAT TASTE. Yeah. I’m using capital letters to scream, an emphasis, that I wanted to make sure gets through. 🙂

One of the simplest recipes I have tried to copy, but with various differences. One, I only have peeled shrimp. Two, I decided to stick with the lemon/calamansi juice route rather than the garlic, since I felt that the garlic might burn. 😀

Go for a non-stick pan, I used my cast iron pan which worked perfectly (imagine that was also in all caps). In a hot pan, add a bit of high-heating oil, like canola. Sprinkle with salt liberally and wait for it to finish splattering all over. Then add the shrimp, quickly. Add a bit of calamansi or lemon juice, making sure that everything gets wet, ti will dry up quickly enough. Flip once almost cooked through the doneness is showing through, and salt again if needed. Wait for a few seconds, then remove from the pan. I added more salt for the pictures, and it was just right. 🙂 Easy!

It tasted so much like it was grilled, and I want to try this again with other meats! 😀 Maybe pollo ala Plancha.

🙂 Oh. This was supposed to be tapas too. But it works as a viand, paired with rice 😛

Before flipping
Before flipping

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