Before I squished it down on the second day
Before I squished it down on the second day

You remember that conversation I have mentioned I had with my aunts and uncles about lavadura? Well, this was  part of the conversation. I have actually never tried it ever, even with mom regaling me with her stories of how they would eat this regularly when my inang (literally translates to mother, but what we called our grandma) made it for them. I was just interested as to what this is, so I decided to make it.

It was simple. Some cooked rice, sprinkled with the lavadura/yeast, then allowed to ferment for at least 2 days. Then mash a bit, with sugar, and get drunk on it.

Binudburan or binuburan is the beginning of rice wine, and highly potent at this stage. I am not sure what the alcohol content is, but it’s strong. As I described on my personal facebook wall, it smells like beer, tastes like lambanog (moonshine), and as strong as any shot of hard liquor. If allowed to ferment longer, the rice would disintegrate and become wine.

I have kept this in a glass container (or ceramic/clay as old earthen ware used to be), covered with a cloth held on by a rubber band. They don’t recommend using metal or plastic. I would stick with glass. And is now stuck in our fridge to keep it cool and slow down the fermenting process and partially to stop it. 🙂

Good? If I want to get drunk, maybe 🙂 But not for the faint hearted!

After two days, before squishing it
After two days, before squishing it

Binudburan Recipe

250 grams of rice, cooked
1/2 of a lavadura (I’m guessing about 1 teaspoon equivalent of yeast)

Partially cool the rice after cooking, but still warm. Sprinkle half of the yeast on the rice, and mix. Sprinkle on top with the rest of lavadura. Keep in a glass container covered with a breathable cloth and tightened with a rubber band. After two days (some recommend four), taste it. Sprinkle a bit of sugar. 🙂


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