Kesong Puti Ice Cream

I will let you on a secret. This is not an original idea. 🙂 But other than that, I will keep my lips sealed.

I have to refer you first to my initial post on kesong puti, another one here, and here 🙂

After my success with the cheesecake ice cream, it is so easy to try something else. I have FAILED in some of my initial ice cream making attempts, most specifically my strawberry ice cream. But a successful cheesecake ice cream will most probably be followed something likened to it, and this was something like it, but different. 🙂

What I did was change a recipe online. Since I was going to use cream, and had no need for custard, I decided to make my own. I started more or less with the same base, but without the sour cream. So it’s cream cheese, and instead of sugar, I used condensed milk, and then cream. I mixed all of it, with a touch of vanilla. I crumbled a bit of kesong puti, about half a packet from the supermarket before cooling the cream mix. Then once churning or whipping it, I added the rest of the kesong puti, in cubes. 🙂

And that was about it. All to taste. Just remember that ice cream is cold. And the tongue tastes less of the flavor when eating something cold. So make it stronger than what you would want. 🙂 So now I have a batch each of two kinds of ice cream. Yaaaaay for the summer! Coming up, Milo Ice Cream! 🙂


Kesong Puti Ice Cream Recipe

1 kesong puti block, half diced, and the other half crumbled
8 oz cream cheese, room temperature
1/2 cup condensed milk, Milkmaid
2 cups fresh cream

Whip and mix cream cheese and the condensed milk, and then slowly add the cream. Crumble in half of the cheese, and then refrigerate. Follow instructions on your ice cream maker. I cooled my mix overnight, then added it to the ice cream maker  to churn. When done, I added the diced kesong puti 🙂


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