Homemade Thick Chocolate Milk – Beat that Chuckie!

Thick and yummy
Thick and yummy
A glassful of happines
A glassful of happines

I got a gift of Chocolate Milk as a raffle consolation prize during one of our Christmas parties. I really don’t look for Chocolate Milk, unlike my sister who buys it every now and then. But having tried it, I just wanted my milk to be chocolate milk! 🙂 I could never figure out what made it thicker than just adding chocolate syrup to milk. But with a little research, I discovered it was just thickeners!!! This allowed the milk to be chocolatey without having the chocolate settle at the bottom. It provided creamier texture too, since it was thicker and coated the tongue more.

With some powdered milk (leftover from my polvoron making during Christmas) and some Hershey’s, I decided to make chocolate milk 🙂  I read a couple of recipes, specifically the ones on the side of the Herhey’s canister. I was on my way to a  massive failure when I confused the heaping tablespoon of the powdered milk to be the same for the cocoa!!!! It was sooooo bitter I had to double the milk  and ended up with about 2 liters of chocolate milk  instead of one! So I just kept adjusting. I added sugar, as needed, along with more water and the milk. I also added cornstarch diluted in water to make the chocolate milk thicker (otherwise, it would just be like cold cocoa). 🙂 I then transferred these into two containers and cooled it.

After a day in the fridge, I decided to pour myself a glass and to my horror, it has become so thick it was like ice cream. I knew that thickened liquids become thicker once cooled (and sweet food become less sweet once cooled too), but not this thick. So instead, the chocolate milk became like a concentrated chocolate milk. Pour 1/2 of chocolate milk, pour 1/2 of milk, mix, and then drink up. The consistency was still thick and yummy even with the addition of milk (see, it was that thick). But it was oh so yummy!

I know what to do next time – go low fat milk, go with sugar sweeteners, and not insanely thick. 🙂 Hmmm, but that gave me a brilliantly yummy idea for ice cream 🙂


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