Homemade Beef Tapa

Tapa, hard boiled egg, sinangag
Tapa, hard boiled egg, sinangag


I am not sure why we never have beef tapa at home. Maybe mom just likes pork more? And this one is a different tapa than what we usually have at home. Our tapa is marinated in equal amounts of sugar and salt, and some garlic, and ground black pepper. I love that, but more commonly found is the beef tapa that I tasted most recently at my friend’s uncle’s house.

Upon tasting, I knew it had soy sauce (with the dark color it took), some calamansi (it reminded me a bit of our beef steak at home) and some sweetness, that wasn’t overpowering at all. I wasn’t sure what the other flavors are. A little bit of googling and I found it. Garlic, black pepper, and simply put, just being fried in oil. 🙂

Up close
Up close

I bought some thinly sliced beef, labelled as breakfast steak, and pounded them mercilessly. I cut them into serving pieces and  and readied the marinade: some toyomansi (bought from the store as a premix – you can just mix freshly squeezed calamansi or lemon juice and soy sauce), garlic, pepper and sugar. Marinated overnight, it was fried for breakfast the next day. My verdict? Yummy. But it needs more oil, YES, more oil, to give off that yummy tapa feeling. But the marinade was spot-on, and the thin meat, tender after marinating in an acid overnight. I shall do this again! 🙂

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