Restaurant Review: Sambokojin, Southmall

Raw meat 🙂

We ate here the same week we arrived form the US (Glutton much). We were excited to try it because it was newly opened in the south, with all its old locations past Megamall northbound. And we had a reason to celebrate, with it being ate’s birthday. 🙂

The place was supposedly packed and a quick google brought me to their facebook page with repeated recommendations that we get a reservation. Even with our plans unsure, I made reservations, just in case. And I’m glad I did. We were seated about 3 minutes after arriving unlike those that have just arrived there, and walked in.

Sambokojin is I think just like Yakimix. You have the buffet of both food for grilling, Japanese options, and cooked Chinese style food. JapKorChi fusion if you will. I have eaten a couple of times in Yakimix and have enjoyed it. So at least I have something to compare it with.

Japanese options

The place was PACKED. REALLY. But the great thing was, except for the lines in some areas to get the food, the food was plentiful. So much of it that You never have to worry about running out. The waiters were quick to serve for the most part as well.

There is though, one special sauce on the table that I thoroughly enjoyed. They called it sambokojin sauce, and it was like mild soy sauce with garlic. I used that as my dipping sauce and it was really good for everything. But after a while, all the flavors of the meat taste the same. 🙂


I don’t mind going back, especially with their promotions on going of P50 off on weekends. It still is expensive with the prices ranging from P500 to 650.  But as long as you get your money’s worth, it’s all good!


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