Polland’s Chinese Lumpia

I know people who love the Chinese lumpia (spring roll). This is kind of like lumpiang shanghai, but with diffirences. The idea is the same, a rice wrapper filled with stuffings, but the similarity ends there. This one has fresh vegetables, a bit of meat and cooked vegetables too, some crunchy noodles, sugar and peanuts, garlic, then topped with a sweetish sauce. This is the first time that I ate this, and it was not that brilliant for me. Perhaps lacking in the texture (I wanted more of the crunchy noodles), lacking in garlic (I did ask them to lessen it because I was meeting friends afterwards), and lacking in flavor altogether (a little bit more salt and sugar would do). But the idea and the mixture of the food was ideal. Perhaps I should just make some of my own 😀

First few layers
With more of the veggies and meat 🙂
All boxed up!

PS. Happy birthday to someone who has fought with me, and fought for me. Happy birthday mom! 😀



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