Restaurant Review: Kuppa, Fort


After a quiet dinner with friends (they were the ones who had dinner), we ended up in Kuppa in Fort, located below Relik (a party place) along 31st and 4th Streets. The last time I went to this area, I have never noticed it, so either it wasn’t there yet (so I haven’t been out that long), or I was just blind (possible too). Being more of a coffee place, with their menu boards offering the usual assortment of coffee drinks, the name Kuppa is most probably came from the slang term “cuppa joe” and pronounced the same way. šŸ™‚

We were supposed to just have coffee and dessert, but having eaten a measly salad at 5pm that day, I was hungry for real food by 9 pm. Instead of the gelato I was planning to have, I ended up with pasta! šŸ™‚ The price was almost the same (for two servings of ice cream vs. one order of arrabiata) so it wasn’t all that bad. And I’m assuming the pasta was healthier too. šŸ™‚ My friends got a burger, coffee drinks, tiramisu, pistachio and vanilla gelato, and we all shared a lava cake.

Coffee and chocolate!

The coffee drinks were good, though not memorable for me. Perhaps I have likened cold coffee to frappes mostly because of the famous coffee chains. But it was good, I wouldn’t mind drinking it again. It was like mocha, chocolate with coffee, which it is šŸ™‚


The tiramisu lacked coffee, my friend Ara said, but this comment comes from someone who loves coffee. But since I trust her judgement as my own, I’m gonna own up to that šŸ˜€ The gelato was okay, found the vanilla too sweet. Perhaps my penchant for the dark chocolate gave me already a biased opinion. I sampled the chocolate gelato earlier, and it left with a craving for something less sweet.The lava cake too was okay. I have started to look at chocolate flavored cakes used with not so expensive cocoa as just okay. I don’t think they use the really nice cocoa powders for this one :p

Oddest burger, ever.

My pasta was okay, though I ended up sprinkling parmesan repeatedly on it. The spice level was great, and it was a treat to have spicy pasta. But the burger was the one that stood out, in a bad way. I really don’t like sweet viands, and this one just kind of put me off. It was an open faced burger, with the burger on one side, the cheese on one side. The burger was typical. But the cheese! The cheese was SWEET! Ewww. I was really looking at the dish with disdain. If I ordered that, I would have returned it pronto. :s

So the verdict? The food was typical, nothing out of the ordinary, really. The ambiance though, was brilliant. It was a perfect place for chilling out, talking, hanging. The food actually felt secondary. Ā But since I was surrounded with my best friends, the food always come secondary šŸ™‚



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