Black Sago/Black Tapioca Pearls

Black sago in milk

My fascination for these wonderful orbs is not that obvious. It’s only during when it’s brought into my attention that I just have to experiment with it. I loved the previous tapioca pudding that I had made before. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Black orbs 🙂

This would be the first time I am making big sago, and black at that. The black sago has only recently become popular with the rise of many pearl shake stands and them using this. And the reason I never made use of big sago was it’s supposed to be harder to make with long soaking, etc. But the instruction to cook the big black sago was easy. Dump in boiling water, boil, let it soak, then rinse! So easy! But I still am getting ahead of myself.

Sago 🙂

I know that sago is made from tapioca flour. But I always thought it was mixed with something and ten rounded into balls. But while handling the big black sago, I decided to press one. It just crumbled! No wonder you are supposed to dump into boiling water! You will end up making a tapioca flour thickener. Instead, the instruction is to dump it directly into boiling water, I’m assuming it’s to hold its shape 🙂 They also smell strongly of vanilla, or something as sweet. 🙂

Just flour!

Would love to make pudding with this!


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