Paco/Pako Salad

Pako for sale

Sadly, I failed to appreciate this when I was younger when we had regular access to it whenever we went to Lucban. My lola would just request someone to get the pako fern from wherever that was, and my mom would enjoy it for lunch.

It was only in Abe that I was able to try this (as an adult) and it was good. Oddly enough, the weird snappy and slimy texture it had appealed to me, and I ended up eating it whenever I have an access to fresh pako.


So on a lucky day, I found some, in bundles, in the Northeast Market in Greenhills. I bought a hundred pesos worth, having bought before and discovering how few we were able to consume, and had more than we can consume in a day. I was snacking on it all day long, just snapping random parts while driving, and I thought we would eat more. But we didn’t, what to do with the leftover, untossed leaves? But it was good anyway, and easy to make too!


Pako Salad Recipe

Pako fern, crunchy tops only
1 salted egg, sliced or minced
Tomato, sliced or minced
|Cane vinegar or apple cider vinegar


Mix the vinegar and sugar to taste. About 1/3 cup vinegar to two tablespoons of sugar. Mix and set aside. Toss the first three ingredients, then dress with vinaigrette. Serve!


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