Restaurant Review: Kitchen’s Best, Fort

Perfect desserts!

This place is known for their desserts. I regret ordering what I did, or just basically eating a meal here. But desserts, i would go back for.

My friend Mau suggested we eat there and when asked about the food, she does admit that they were known for their desserts. I should have listened to my instincts when I had the urge to order two kinds of dessert instead of a meal plus a dessert. My review will pull down the whole restaurant based on the sandwich I got.

My order


Sandwich :S
Soggy sandwich

We had totally different kinds of meal on the table. We had pasta, pork chops and rice, chicken and rice, a gratin of some sort like shepherd’s pie, and my horrible sandwich. I was not even supposed to order the sandwich but since it had that tiny little whisk or something beside it, I assumed it would be good, at least, if not out of this world. I did read that it had bechamel sauce. But to be served a soggy sandwich was just beyond me. If I wanted that, I would have just dunked it in my coffee. Or water in this case. It was so mushy I refused to eat it. The waiter nicely explained to me that it was because the sandwich must have moistened from the ham and the bechamel, which, yes, in concept, would happen. But a soggy sandwich?! I wish they had the whole thing replaced which they didn’t offer. But they “fixed” the sandwich problem by removing the soggy bottom bread and toasting a slice and giving this to me. I still wasn’t happy with the solution. But this was tons better than the original. The meals were basically okay for me, nothing brilliant. I did taste everyone’s food. Or at least almost everyone’s.

Cottage Pie

Now the dessert.  I couldn’t find a fault with them at all! I have always been a fan of concord cakes and the last time I bought one was from Sugarhouse which turned out to be a horrible disappointment with a sponge cake in the middle. Really now. Even if the concord was not starred, I ordered it. Then we had the macadamia brittle cheesecake and mango sansrival. ALL WERE HEAVEN. This totally beats out Bizu from my point of view. The cakes were just impeccable. With the right sweetness, with the right opposing textures of crunchy and soft. Ahhhh.  I want another concord cake please 🙂

Go here hungry, and just eat all the cakes your heart desires! 🙂 If I had ten thumbs on my hands, I would give it ten thumbs up for the desserts. Seriously. And none for the meals. :s


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