Gulaman Bars Part 2 – Coffee Jelly

Gulaman bars

So a failed recipe from before, here, is made easier than I thought. But the final product was still not good enough. It crumbled upon a little pressure. And I am not sure how to fix that problem. I don’t know how to make it tougher and chewier, which I like in my gulaman 🙂 But this one looked pretty anyways, and adding a little bit of coffee and sugar to the mix made it good enough for some coffee jelly 🙂


Coffee Jelly Recipe

2 bars of gulaman
4 cups water

Melt the gulaman in the water by boiling the water. Add sugar once almost all the gulaman has disappeared. Then add the coffee and taste 🙂 Pour on a flat tray and cool. Then slice 😀

Gems 🙂

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