Bukayong Guyabano (Sweetened Soursop)

A wedge of guyabano 🙂

I still remember how I reacted when my mom told me to try the bukayong guyabano. I repeatedly asked around 5 times, “Bukayong guyabano?”

Guyabano, as I have mentioned, but not featured, is one of my favorites fruits or shakes. The sweet pulp is yummy to eat when picked and grown just right. When an off season fruit is brought to our table and is too sour, we throw it in the blender, whiz along with some ice and additional sugar and comes out a thick shake 😛 Yum!

Guyabano or soursop is in the same family of jackfruits. Based on the fruit structure and skin, you would actually know they are related. But look at the fruit itself, and the juiciness and softness of soursop is totally different. This one is juice, while jackfruits are more meaty. But they are all good fruits.

I am used to eating the guyabano juicy and ripe and I found it such a rad idea to have it cooked in sugar from it’s raw state.

Sweet and chewy

Bukayo, in the general sense, actually refers to cooked buko (young coconut) in sugar. There is a certain age of the coconut. It cannot be the really young ones that is suggested more for drinking and slurping. It should be the kind of coconut, young still, but nearing its maturity. Like a teenage coconut? 😛 This is then scraped off the shell in long strips and cooked in caramelized brown sugar. Some like their bukayo wet and saucy, others like it dry and chewy. All up to taste, of course.

So in the same way, I think my mom cooked it like this. I was not even home whey they did it and was only offered the cook product after dinner. And the final product? I actually like it better than the regular coconut bukayo. Since this guyabano was cut into wedges, it was heartier, and not so sweet. It was also very “makunat” or chewy, which I like. Surprise recipes from my moms and aunts are the best, since these are goodies they ate when they were younger J


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