Bettys Native Kakanin

Betty's box

I am not sure how we found out about Betty’s Native Kakanin. Though I think the more appropriate question is who hasn’t found out about them yet. They all feature the rice cakes that you can think of. Kanin, meaning cooked rice (bigas as the uncooked rice), is an essential part of the Filipino diet. Almost all home have a rice cooker as this is usually eaten more than 3 times a day. So the rice, either the short sticky rice, or the regular rice, or even the purple ones, or green ones, are ground, cooked, steamed, baked in different ways and forms and sliced and served with different toppings or what have yous.

This stall is found in the public market inGerona, Tarlac and buying at 9am, we found out that a lot of their good items have already been sold! Luckily, the famous duman (a kind of rice) is still available, along with kapit (the slower pronunciation meaning “hold on”) is like a long log of mochi J

They had the maja blanca, biko, duman, cassava cake (which not made from rice but root crops) and others all on display. With layers of the finished sheets stacked behind them, we were quite lucky to get our hands on some of their items. I want more!

Slicing the kakanin
Different kinds of kakanin in a box

3 thoughts on “Bettys Native Kakanin

    1. You’re from Tarlac too? Where there? And where are you now? 🙂 I do enjoy going to Tarlac even if I get to do it only a couple of times a year. Whenever my mom goes, she always has goodies for us! In all the freshest forms. Just this week she brought home kilos of tomatoes from my Aunt’s plants, kilos of star apple and a couple of guyabano from our trees there. And their new favorite, Amargoso, which is more bitter than ampalaya. :s I’ll stick with the fruits. 🙂

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