I always felt that adobo is the Filipino national dish because this is what most households dish out regularly, including ours. Of course, sinigang is another one but since I have never been a fan, it’s out of the running. But my curiosity got the better of me when I spied some unusual looking leaves in the grocery while in Naga. The leaves were labeled lubas, and upon asking, they said it was used to sour sinigang much like tamarind. Hmmmm. Really?

I have blogged about tamarind, batuan, and using the local packet mix to make sinigang. And there are still other veggies you can do a sinigang with. But leaves? i wasn’t able to buy some because we were quite in a rush (after spending some time in Kamalig) and the only glimpse I had of the lubas was when I tore off a bit of the leaf and chewed. Yep, it was sour. I wish I could have bought some to play with. But oh well. 🙂


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