Yep, it's really newlook

Before I left for Legazpi, I was asking about what things I should buy there that I can try and blog about. Besides the usual pili, I wanted something new. Raves about this newlook fish got the better of me and I decided that it would the item to bring home this time. It was supposed to be a really fatty fish, and tasted great. Well, here we go.

I checked the supermarkets and since it was out of season, only a few items were on display, but goodness, they were really oily. Like the packaging for the dried fish was soaked in some kind of oil. Fish oil? 🙂

Comments about it being more readily available in the wet market got me excited and we decided to go there and get some fish. The price was as expensive as other dried fishes on the market. After wagering it to P80, I bought a kilo and it was wrapped in tooooons of newspaper, and then plastic. It leaked oil after 12 hours and had to be wrapped with more newspaper. Now that was fatty.

Fried 🙂

At home, half were soaked in vinegar, and some were left on their own. The fried fish was very crispy, almost like chicharon. But other than the texture, it was not enviable for me.

Note: I was also able to find dried kalaso here, which we usually buy in a wet version. Haven’t tried it yet, but hopefully, this cheaper dried version would be as good too.


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