Cooking with Kars

Kars and me

Besides people at home and when I went to Ara’s place, I haven’t cooked much with other people (something I have to learn, I think). Unless you count the times that we would sleep over at Kars’ condo, and I would cook. But that hardly counts. The most I’ve cooked then was tuna and eggs. And we would eat straight from the pan 🙂

So an invitiation to hang out together and cook was awesome. (As if we didn’t see each other enough) Too bad it was a day after our friend went back up north (meaning QC), and it was just me and Kars’ who live nearby.

The smoked salmon from the day before was on the menu for a pasta. Then they also wanted tempura. And I was also ready for some cookies. 🙂 So it was all set.

When I arrived, Kars was already making the pasta. Well, she was chopping onions and garlic. I was tasked to prepare the shrimp. And while I was peeling the shrimp, I suggested we make soup too. It was almost 5pm, and I wanted to ahve the food on the dinner table by 8. So it was a race against time. Ala Iron Chef. 🙂

It was good that we had our own tasks set up. While making the tempura, we were not so in sync as we had to dance around each other (not literally of course). But it was funny, and messy too.

In the end, the pasta was easy and remedied. The soup was good, a bit salty I think. The tempura was great. The marshmallow in the cookies got too hot and melted. But it was a feast for more than 7 people. 🙂 Everyone was well fed, and the conversation was great. Recipes soon to follow.

And after cooking from morning til night (for me – I cooked at home before moving houses) and from grocery shopping in the afternoon and cooking til night (for Kars), we were craving for some massage. Ahhhh. 🙂


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