Cheese and Champagne


Empty champagne flute 🙂

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you would know that I keep a chronicle of cheeses that I like. But since this was a cheese plate, and would constitute around 6 cheese articles already, I just decided to lump into one.


Most, if not all, of the cheeses we had (this was alongside with the caviar and eggs) came from Germany where Kars’ sister came from recently. They were different textures, but except for the fact that the hard cheeses were mostly flavored edam cheeses, I have no inkling of what kind of cheeses the rest were, except for the blue.


Cheese plate

And again, we just got a little bit of everything and brought it back to our table. The first cheese we tried was very distinct. It tasted like chili con carne! At first, we had a hard time pinpointing the flavor profile of it, until Kars uttered the word chili, which made me realize it was cumin! And Kars’ mom confirmed it. The edam was all different flavors. There was the the surprisingly soft one, which I wasn’t expecting from an edam. Then there was also this edam that was riddled with black stuff on it, which I thought was pepper, but it wasn’t. I never got to identify what the flavoring was.


There was also a very light cheese that ws in a log form. Almost like cream cheese, but whipped. I know I’ve tried it before when I ransacked the cheese section of Spiral’s, but I forgot what it was. It was good and creamy. But you can get overwhelmed by the flavor after a while. But it was good while it lasted.


Our serving plates

The other one was blue cheese. I like blue cheese, but the more I eat of it, the more that I like it. I still nibble on it now, even without crackers, but I can’t seem to stop nibbling on it. Odd. But then, I may actually be developing a hearty liking for it. 🙂


The champagne we had was ridiculously expensive (but they got it cheap in the States, so yay!) and it was good. Like bubbly white wine with a slight hint of bitter. The second bottle was good too, but I just like the first one better.


More 🙂

Ahhhhh. And this is what you call living the high life. 🙂



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