Caviar and Eggs

Our caviar mixture

I have only eaten caviar twice before. The first one was when I was in fourth grade and there was this Russian exchange student in our class. It was Filipino Week and we usually brought in Filipino food, and there would be a feast in all the rooms. Since she was Russian, she brought in caviar and we got to taste it. All I remember from that moment was it was salty. I never thought about it again.


The second one I can’t remember when and where, but it was salmon roe. Every bite I took, it would burst and send a flavorful liquid all over my mouth.. This time, it was the sensation I would remember.

At a kars’ house, we were lucky that her mom was having guests over and we would be eating with them. We had an assortment of appetizers and since I never get to try this on my own, I was just excited to try them all.

Egg white, egg yolk, fish eggs

Kars brought some of the items to our own table (the table was full), and on it was am ix of caviar, chopped hard boiled egg whites, chopped hard boiled egg yolks, capers, and a slice of lemon. This was already mixed together (sans the onion which she didn’t like) and then spread on the crostini. We finished it off easily. The next batch, we had the stuff separated and we put our own servings of whatever on each crostini. I was in heaven.


To my knowledge, caviar is expensive, and the one that we were eating came all the way from Hon Kong. It wasn’t even fishy at all. It was just salty, with a hint of fish flavor. It was soooo good.

Of course, I can’t afford to regularly buy caviar. I mean, I don’t even buy now. But I’m a cook who always finds a way. How about making my own caviar from other fish? Yes. Already googling J


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