Ilocos Empanada ala Lucban

dough on the left, monggo on the right

It’s totally not me to admit that something is worth paying for when it comes to food. Usually, cost and effort amount to so little compared to how much you are paying for something. Now this time, it’s totally worth it to pay P50.

It may seem measly but if you think it over, usually the costs are way less (of course you are paying for labor), but after trying to make this, ahhhhh. I will pay P50 (and maybe just a bit more) for a piece of this regularly.

Eggs 🙂

When my friend Sushee and I went to Ilocos a couple of years ago (or was it just last year?), we were able to try the famed Ilocos empanada. For the pursists out there, it was specifically the one from Batac, more appropriately called Batac Emapanda. It looked easy. Easy, being relative.

dough and cooked monggo

Some monggo were soaked and I copied a recipe online. But the recipe was adjusted so much, I don’t think there would be much sense in posting it anymore. The monggo was boiled until they were soft. Blanched unripe papaya is another vegetable they use regularly as filling for the empanada.

Cooking the longganisa

I figured that using my homemade lucban longganisa would work fine since the only difference in the recipes are the oregano that is added in the lucban longganisa. So I opened up a couple, and fried them until cooked.

The insides

So using the dough, I flattened a small ball inside a plastic bag, cuz it sticks. I put some mongo, some longganisa, then some egg. Straight into the fryer. The results were passable. By no means brilliant or great. But not bad tasting. Hahaha. 🙂 So no recipes. Even the dough seemed to thick. 🙂

Don’t worry, this won’t be the last of this 🙂

Ready for frying 🙂

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