Roasted Marshmallow


Golden brown!

What is something so childlike ( I almost said childish) that it brings me back to being me years ago? Marshmallow! And what I am a fan of really is roasted marshmallows. Mind you, I didn’t grow up eating smores. It is too hot here to have a regular bonfire even during the cold season. The only time I get to roast marshmallows are with friends on the beach when I was into adulthood already, and it was already with smores in mind. It was more of “Let’s build a bonfire so we can roast marshmallows!” Never did I hear, “Let’s build a bonfire because it’s cold!”


I have experimented on a fair share of ways of roasting  marshmallows. On a pair of tong  over the gas burner (the tongs got hot). Speared with a barbecue stick over the gas burner (fantastic until the sticks burned or the marshmallow fell off from being over roasted). Over a candle flame while watching tv (never even heated the marshmallow, just turned it black from the smoke).  After seeing how the marshmallows roasted okay in the oven with the attempts of the whoopie pie, I decided to give it a try inthe toaster oven. On a foil, I dumped one layer of marshmallow in, then watched it carefully. And like magic, it turned brown! They slowly puffed up, like holding their breath, then the color started to darken. Yay! I just p ulled them out til they reached the color that I like! 🙂



And ooooh. The soft crunchy bite of the skin, with the oozing insides. Ahhhhh. Smores please! 🙂



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