Gulaman Bars


Bars :O

Ever since I can remember, my mom has never used those gulaman bars I find in the supermarket. She goes straight for the  boxed kinds. I have always wondered how it will be if I made the gulaman from the bar. Repeated inquiries to my mom resulted in statements that the powder outperforms the gulaman bar. Really?  So while in the grocery and my instincts to experiment were strong, I grabbed a white 4-bar pack, and stuck it in my push cart.


At home, I glanced at the packaging and was horrified to discover there were no instructions whatsoever. So I relied on hearsay on how to use them, and also on instinct. (I am not sure why I didn’t google. I really don’t know.) Mother’s input was also solicited.

Hearsay, to cook the gulaman, boil the water, shred the bar. Boil. Cool. My mom said maybe one cup per bar was sufficient. WRONG. More on that later.


Soaked gulaman bar (Bloomed)

The other one, I soaked in cold water (like imported gelatin leaves) then dumped in the boiling water. They were then allowed to set. I used some orange juice instead of water, and added tons of sugar.



Re-melting the gulaman

After they cooled, I had rocks. Literally. For something that’s supposed to jiggle, it was hard. It was a solidified mass of.. it was a solidified mass. The process didn’t’ matter so much anymore. I just dumped both in one pan and let it boil, after adding two more cups of water. Yeah, Two more cups. I kept it over low fire and decided to play scrabble on facebook. I was into the game when I started to smell something orangey. I totally forgot about what I was cooking! But when I opened the pan, they were happily bubbling away and everything has melted. I put those in a pan and let it cool.


I am not sure if it was because I used orange juice, but I tasted some when they weren’t completely cool yet. They felt mushy. So I stick em in the fridge. But even after that, it felt strange in my mouth. I wanted it tougher. AND, I forgot to strain the whole damn thing before letting it set 🙂 Hahaha. Always a first time 🙂

Orange Gulaman Recipe

2 gulaman bars
4 cups orange juice
sugar to taste

Mix in hot pot 🙂 STRAIN. Let it set.


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