Hungarian Sausage


Typical breakfast assortment - ideal look of the hungarian (right corner)

With my devotion to making the perfect Lucban Longganisa, I may have failed to mention that there is another longganisa that we love at home, the Hungarian Sausage. It’s cheesy (at least for Cheesy Hungarian) and spicy! it kinda serves as a wake up call to your senses on a Monday morning. And besides, it’s one of ate’s and kuya Dino’s favorite foods (it was served in their wedding reception :P).


I decided to go to the local butcher instead, to ask for fat. But sadly, I went on a Thursday morning and fat is only available on Saturdays! (Who would have thought that I would literally be asking for just fat from the butcher?) I had the meat twice grounded, except for the fat. I thought that it was better to hand chop it like in the mentioned longganisa. Disaster that way. The fat ended up too chunky! But that was my fault, I guess. Ate Pines chops better 🙂


Spices, plus 3 tablespoons more of paprika 🙂
Fat and cheese 🙂

Like any other recipe found on the net, it seemed simple enough. Ground meat, spices, and into the casings. I followed this recipe to be more exact, but of course, I changed everything to my liking afterwards 🙂 I think I doubled the amount of paprika, and I ended up adding some bread to soften the meat cuz it was too meaty. And since I’m after the texture of store-bought sausages, I only realized now that no matter how expensive the sausages are, it would be still filled with extenders.



Hmmm. They look like longganisa, don't they?
Boil boil 🙂

So I stuff everything into the casings. On a last thought, I decided to boil the meat. (Just like store-bought hotdogs and sausages, ain’t it?) I seasoned the water with salt too, so that the casings would taste good. Since the sausage recipe had water in them, by the time the water was boiling inside the sausage, I was afraid they would burst. But having dropped the raw sausages only once the water was boiling, it ensured that the casings have toughened up 🙂



Links 🙂

This was then cooled, then frozen. Served on a Sunday morning, they were good for me 🙂 Yes, the fat was falling out of the sausage, but I liked it! At least for the flavors. Mom found it too spicy. And ate, same with me, found the fat too big. Yay for experiment number 1 🙂



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